“Wrung out…” (by Mel McGuire)


During my weekly prayer session with my criminal defense attorney friend/brother, he used the analogy of being “wrung out”. He was talking about each opportunity we had to be in the presence of God, specifically prayer, and how we needed to maximize the time, like a wet towel being “wrung out” to get everything we can out of the time.

As we prayed the analogy stayed with me, and with his permission, I will share some of what the Lord showed me about being “wrung out”.

Using the imagery of a wet towel that you want to render dry, the wringing out process begins with manipulation of the towel and squeezing or twisting all of the “excess” water out. Then, and this is the most important part…you lay the towel out in the sun to dry.

I think about the ideal time of worship or devotion, and how once you have sung until your eyes are dry, your voice is a whisper, and your heart is full…you just want to bask in the Sonlight…just lay out and let the final process be that of being absolutely still in His presence. You are wrung out.

And then I thought about how many times we get into situations where we need an answer. We twist and squeeze and manipulate in our own strength until we can get nothing more out…and then we go on and continue to use a damp towel.

In this analogy, our strength, wisdom, stamina, and patience are damp! We move too soon because we did not allow the situation time to lay out in the sun and completely dry. “Ain’t nobody got time for that!” all that waiting, and doing nothing and being still is sometimes the simplest, yet hardest, part of the process. Let God do it.

Evaporation takes time, that is certainly true. But it works. Anything left in the presence or atmosphere of God will eventually be overcome by it. If it is wet, it will dry. If “wetness” is the ways of the world, whether in thought or action, when we are “wrung out”, we have done all we can do in our own strength and wisdom to dry out.

But the final part is the most important part… we need to lay out in the Son. And let the Son evaporate the last vestiges of carnality or worldliness out of us…so we can be available to be used again.

When God puts you in a place, like fresh towel, you soak up wetness, leaving the place dry, as it should be. But then YOU need to be wrung out again in the presence of God. But we don’t want to wait. And we then take our dampness to the next wet spot, and we cannot soak up as much, and the spot never dries.  We need to be wrung out.

Spend time just basking, being still, being Son-dried, in the presence of God. It takes time, but it works. Like a dryer in a laundry room, there is a timer based on a sensor, that will go off when there is no more moisture in the towel.

Wait for the buzzer, allow yourself to be “wrung out”. Let God do it in the light of His Son.

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